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As we age, gravity repositions fat tissues, causing a decrease in volume in facial features which contributes to wrinkles and creases becoming more prominent. Medical research has indicated that this loss of facial fat is a very significant component of facial aging. This may be seen in other parts of the body as fat repositions itself. Many women, for instance, notice their breasts lose volume and shape, while hips and thigh fat pads swell, along with the abdomen. Fat transfers can be performed on various parts of the body to redistribute it back into more aesthetically pleasing areas creating a plumping reminiscent of a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Fodor performs facial and body rejuvenation procedures for patients who want an improvement on their facial skin texture and volume.

What are Fat Transfers?

The fat transfer procedure is exactly what it sounds like, transferring fat from one part of the body into another. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure instantly reduces fat in one area while improving the fullness of another. A popular alternative to treatments for restoring volume through injectable fillers it can be used to correct and improve contours, reduce deep furrows, improve facial wrinkles, and generally enhance your shape. It is the preferred treatment for patients who have lipoatrophy, a condition characterized by the loss of the layer of fat in the face that forms the contours of the cheeks and jawline.

Fat transfer can also be referred to as micro-lipo injection of autologous fat transplantation.

What are the benefits of Fat Transfers?

There are a large number of benefits in the fat transfer process due to patients using their own tissues to achieve their desired look. Opposed to products created synthetically or from animal products, risks of rejection, allergic reaction, and other complications are greatly reduced. Autologous fat transfer can be used to correct scars and depressions. For this reason it is often used in combination and to compliment facial resurfacing treatments, breast reconstruction surgery and similar treatments.

Is A Fat Transfer Right For You?

Depending on your goals a fat transfer by itself or in conjunction with other treatments may be right for your individual needs. Imperative to your overall satisfaction with the procedure and it’s associated results. This procedure is a good option for patients considering other injectables and procedures where results are aligned with their particular goals.

Fat transfers, while low risk, are less predictable than other injection types. The longevity of the injection can not be guaranteed. If you want a longer lasting, more certain outcome alternatives such as Restylane or Juvederm for your facial augmentation over fat transfers. Discuss the available options, potential outcomes, and longevity with Dr. Fodor to determine what treatment options are best for yourself.

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How Much Do Fat Transfers Cost?

A multitude of variables will determine the cost of your fat transfer procedure. The cost of fat transfer will vary depending on the severity of your case and techniques used for treatment. This may include the number and type of injections, amount of fat ultimately transferred, and other treatments being performed at the same time. Additional liposuction is often performed in addition to what is needed for the fat transfers as it is more cost effective than performing separate procedures. Dr. Fodor will discuss available options and create a full breakdown of your costs during your initial consultation. During the consultation, Dr, Fodor will assess the potential harvesting site for obtaining the fat to be used in the fat transfer procedure.

It is important to discuss all your concerns and expectations with Dr. Fodor before undergoing a fat transfer procedure. At your consultation, Dr. Fodor will be happy to discuss your options and cost based on your needs.

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