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Dr. Peter Fodor: A Highly Experienced and Skilled Body Sculpting Surgeon

Dr. Peter Fodor is a double board certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in body sculpting. He is a pioneer in the field and has developed innovative techniques that achieve natural-looking results with minimal scarring.

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess fat and tightens skin to create a more contoured and sculpted appearance. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed on a variety of areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and arms.

Benefits of Body Sculpting

Body sculpting can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced fat deposits
  • Tighter skin
  • Improved body contours
  • Increased self-confidence

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Who is a Good Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is a good option for patients who have unwanted fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is also a good option for patients with loose or sagging skin.

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Many individuals predestined by birth will develop isolated, stubborn fat deposits out of proportion to the rest of the body. The Baby Boomer Generation is entering the age of a variety of hormonal changes. These changes result in a tendency to develop undesirable fatty accumulations over the abdomen, waist (“muffin top”), under the waist (“love handles,” “watermelon rolls,” and “hip rolls”) and under the buttocks at the top of the thighs (“banana rolls”) as well as on the inner thighs and inner knees. Women who have always experienced difficulty with “saddlebags” can also notice an increase in the outer thigh area. In addition to the abdomen and hips, men commonly notice an increase in the volume of the breasts.

Many of the most enthusiastic exercisers notice that regardless of which form of exercise and which method of dieting they subscribe to these fatty accumulations seem to change very little. Frustration over this lack of results can lead to a loss of will to continue. Subsequently, more weight is gained in this and other parts of the body, leading to more frustration, obesity, and depression. And for some, a yo-yo dieting habit can develop.

Dr. Fodor believes that the answer to this vicious cycle that occurs with the desire to achieve permanent fat and weight loss rests with a combination of liposuction, properly selected exercise programs, and an appropriately designed food intake. Strategic suctioning around the buttocks will create a shapelier and/or more compact looking, lifted backside. For some patients, Dr. Fodor may also recommend a tummy tuck, either at the same time or in different surgical sessions.

Initially, when liposuction was first developed, only the deep layer of fat was suctioned. This approach, respecting the superficial layer of fat, serves as a cushion under the skin, camouflaging potential waves, depressions, and irregularities. It works well for patients with elastic skin and for smaller fat deposits.

A more recent innovation in liposuction pioneered by a few surgeons including Dr. Fodor; is known as Superficial Liposuction and is currently being practiced by only a handful of the most experienced and highly skilled plastic surgeons along with Dr. Fodor. Superficial Liposuction works closer to the undersurface of the skin. It is far more difficult to perform evenly, but when properly done a better skin contraction result will occur and, therefore, this type of procedure can be used to treat older patients and those patients who have larger accumulations of fat.

The array of options available to patients today, including lower and upper layer liposuction, make it possible for liposculpture to create the visual impression of a body lift. In conjunction with liposuction, some patients also receive breast lift surgery or breast reduction.

Liposuction, also known as “Lipoplasty” and “Suction-Assisted Lipectomy,” should only be handled and performed by a highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon with a proven safety record and a very low complication rate. Dr. Fodor’s patients’ discomfort following the liposuction procedure is similar to what most patients are used to experiencing after a heavy workout. Once more, the results are permanent as witnessed by hundreds of thousands of patients who have had liposuction. Fat cell re-growth extensively studied at the site of suction and elsewhere in the body, has been found insignificant. Because they no longer have body regions that resist efforts to diet and exercise, most patients can lose additional weight after suction more easily than before the surgery.

Over the last two decades, Dr. Fodor’s personal contributions to refining all aspects of liposuction, from fluid infusion to techniques and instrumentation of extraction as well as postoperative care, have made this procedure extremely safe and, for most patients, painless. Due to Dr. Fodor’s technique, liposuction’s results are highly predictable with patients now attaining significant aesthetic improvement. In this case, liposuction can be better defined as “liposculpture.”

Dr. Fodor also offers Arm Lift, Tummy Tuck and Mommy Makeover procedures for those with loose, excess skin.

The cost for body sculpting will vary depending on the severity of your case and techniques used for surgery. At your consultation, Dr. Fodor will be happy to discuss your options and cost based on your needs.

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