Chin & Cheek Augmentation

Chin & Cheek Augmentation Los Angeles | Las Vegas

Chin and cheek augmentation can help enhance your facial features to achieve a more balanced and defined look. Whether you are looking to add volume to your cheeks or desire a more proportionate chin, Dr. Peter Fodor will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan for natural appearing results.

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Cheek Augmentation

The cheeks play an important role in defining an attractive face, and well-defined cheekbones have long been recognized as a hallmark of beauty. A sufficient volume of the cheek contour is essential to a youthful appearance. As people age, however, the fat pads that give cheeks their fullness begin to descend, creating a flat visage. In addition, supportive tissue beneath the skin begins to erode, hastening the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Aesthetic plastic surgery offers various ways to restore a more youthful appearance to the cheeks. The least invasive method of adding or restoring volume to the cheeks is by injections using a biocompatible soft tissue filler or the patient’s own fat. Although a pleasing appearance may be achieved, repeat treatments are necessary to achieve or maintain the desired results.

Implants made of materials such as silicone, Gortex, or Alloderm can be implanted to add permanent volume and definition to the cheeks.

Cheek Augmentation Los Angeles | Las Vegas

Length of Surgery – Usually 30-90 minutes

Anesthesia – Local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. On the cutting edge and preferred by Dr. Fodor is TIVA, which is a combination of the two. It diminishes bleeding and post-operative nausea. Dr. Fodor has used this method for many years.

Recovery – Initial mild to moderate discomfort; up and about first day; back to work within one week if swelling permits; swelling and bruising mostly gone in two to three weeks; full effect in two months.

Scars – Undetectable within mouth or behind the lower lid.

Chin Augmentation

The chin and nose are the facial features that most clearly define your profile. An aesthetically pleasing profile is generally considered to be one in which the chin is located 2-3 milliliters behind an imaginary vertical line that extends downward from the foremost point of the upper lip. A chin that projects past this point may be regarded as a “strong” chin, while one that falls far short of this line may be referred to as a “weak” or receding chin.

Since a strong chin and jawline are often identified as signs of masculinity, men may be especially concerned about a receding chin. While in women a chin positioned slightly behind the imaginary vertical line may be acceptable and even sometimes preferred aesthetically, one that receded too far creates a less flattering profile. A receding chin can also make an otherwise average size nose appear too large.

In some instances, increasing the chin’s projection can bring the entire profile into harmony, even eliminating the need for rhinoplasty. In other cases, rhinoplasty may be indicated in addition to chin augmentation. Chin augmentation is generally performed only after the facial bones are fully developed, usually not before the age of 15 in girls and 17 in boys.

Chin augmentation with implants, genioplasty (where the patient’s own chin bone is shifted forward and secured into a new position), or chin reduction surgery can recontour the lower face to create a more pleasing profile.

Cheek Augmentation Los Angeles | Beverly Hills | Las Vegas

Length of Surgery – Usually 30 minutes for chin augmentation with implant; longer for more extensive chin procedures.

Anesthesia – Local anesthetic with intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia.

Recovery – Initial mild to moderate discomfort; up and about first day; swelling and bruising mostly gone in 10 approximately 10 days; back to work in one to two weeks; full effect usually in three to four weeks.

Scars – Undetectable within mouth or usually not noticeable beneath the chin.

What is Chin and Cheek Augmentation?

Chin and cheek augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that improves the shape and appearance of the chin and cheeks. It can be used to:

  • Increase the size and projection of the chin
  • Add volume to the cheeks
  • Balance facial proportions
  • Improve facial harmony

Benefits of Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Chin and cheek augmentation can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • A more youthful appearance
  • A more defined jawline
  • Fuller cheeks
  • A more balanced facial profile
  • Increased self-confidence

Who is a Good Candidate for Chin and Cheek Augmentation?

Chin and cheek augmentation is a good option for patients who:

  • Have a weak or receding chin
  • Have flat cheeks
  • Have unbalanced facial proportions
  • Are in good overall health and have realistic expectations

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