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Pioneered by Dr. Peter Fodor himself, the endoscopic face lift is a state-of-the-art approach to full facial rejuvenation first offered exclusively at his Beverly Hills cosmetic plastic surgery clinic. Minimal incisions are hidden so well behind your hairline that even your hairdresser will have a hard time detecting them. Endoscopic forehead lifts, mid face lifts, and facelifts offered using this technique leave no visible scarring. Dr. Fodor developed the technique to provide endoscopic procedures as a means to provide less invasive facelift options which minimize swelling, bruising, and increase recovery times. Compared to traditional facelift techniques, risks, and recovery times, patients find that endoscopic techniques provide similar results but with a superior experience.

Individuals struggling with loose or sagging skin around the face and neck, visible wrinkles in the forehead, or a generally aged appearance may choose to have an endoscopic facelift procedure. Facelifts allow us to correct otherwise loose skin due to natural aging which creates a significant reduction in skin elasticity, or excess skin. Advanced medical technology combined with the latest surgical techniques allows for this procedure to be performed without potential scarring traditionally expected with such a procedure. Some patients may opt to add injectable fillers or dermabrasion as well. It is best to discuss your goals with Dr. Fodor to create the unique combination of procedures that you need to reach your desired outcome.

The Endoscopic Facelift Procedure

Endoscopy has long been used by orthopedic surgeons and other medical practitioners and is a proven and well documented technique. Dr. Fodor has extensive experience in applying the endoscopy technique to facelift surgeries, offering the youthful appearance people want without the associated risks or potential complications of traditional facelift surgeries.

Endoscopy is a technique where small incisions are made to allow instruments to be inserted along with a tiny camera. The surgeon performs the procedure remotely, using a robot to move and manipulate the tools while viewing the procedure from a monitor. As movement are minimal it requires the utmost precision and skill. Dr. Fodor developed this technique and is the expert on how to best apply this technique for patients.

Endoscopic Facelift Results

After being placed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation for your procedure, you can expect to wake up in recovery and be discharged from the surgery center within a few hours. When your endoscopic facelift is combined with other procedures the most conservative approach will be made to minimize incisions, resulting scars, and reduce overall recovery. Extensive procedures may include adding volume to your cheeks, and lips. Even with the most extensive procedures, incisions are in natural folds, creases and hairlines which reduces their visibility.

In most cases it is recommended to rest for at least a week or two before resuming work or regular activities. Special care should be taken to aid in healing and speed up your recovery. Your face may initially look bruised and swollen, which tends to look worse before it begins to look better. Expect to see new bruises around the face and neck during the first few days after surgery. This is normal, as is swelling that will reduce over time. Dr. Fodor will explain follow up appointments, and help you understand how to change the dressings for your incisions and provide care instructions. You should expect not to wash or bath fully, including washing your hair, for several days following your procedure. Most of the stitches used to perform your facelift will be self-absorbing and therefore end up dissolving on their own.

Endoscopic Facelift patients can expect to rest with their heads in an elevated position and not lay flat as much as possible following surgery. It is best to be prepared to avoid lifting heavy objects, traveling, or performing routine tasks during this time as well.

Endoscopic Facelift Consultations

Prior to conducting any surgery or procedures Dr. Fodor will have a consultation with you. As a facelift candidate you will have a chance to discuss your cosmetic goals directly with the surgeon. This dialogue is your opportunity to address any questions and concerns directly with the doctor. It is important that you are honest about your goals and medical history in order to achieve optimal results. During the initial consultation for any procedure Dr. Fodor will thoroughly evaluate your candidacy for the surgery. It will involve a physical examination, medical history check, and health status check. In order to prepare you should be ready to answer some basic health and medical history questions that may include the following:

  • Any surgeries you have undergone in the past, even minor ones.
  • Allergies to drugs
  • What your alcohol or tobacco consumption looks like
  • What vitamins or supplements you are currently taking

About the Doctor

Dr. Peter Fodor works as a double board certified plastic surgeon who has worked with patients to help them achieve their aesthetic goals, matching their natural beauty to their internal beauty, turning back the hands of time and reversing their signs of aging. His understanding of the importance for his patients to feel confident in their appearance and the impact this has in their lives drives him. This understanding is what has lead him to develop the techniques to provide endoscopic facelifts continuing to inspire him to innovate and include technologies and techniques into his procedures that reduce scarring and recovery time without sacrificing patient health and long term goals.

His experience and consistent patient outcomes has made him a leader in the field. As a result he has teamed up with industry leading surgeons and helped introduce the latest techniques and advanced technologies to others.

Facelift Cost

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of an endoscopic facelift procedure. These costs include the surgical center, anesthesiologist, nurses and surgical assistants, the various tools and equipment needed to monitor your status and perform your procedure. Depending on the severity of your case, the techniques used for your surgery and the other particulars this cost may fluctuate. A full breakdown of your costs will be calculated and explained to you. At your initial consultation, Dr. Fodor will make these determinations and calculate the total cost for your surgery and discuss all the payment options available.

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