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Butt Lifts & Gluteal Augmentations Beverly Hills

Butt Lifts & Gluteal Augmentations

Buttock augmentations are now one of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgeries in the United States. Buttock augmentation can be performed using a variety of procedures from injections to implants, and combinations of the two. Considered among the riskiest of plastic surgery procedures due to potential complications, it should only be performed by the most skilled and trusted plastic surgeons like double board certified Dr. Peter Fodor in Beverly Hills, California.

As a pioneer of aesthetic plastic surgery techniques, Dr. Fodor is one of few surgeons that routinely offer gluteal augmentations as a singular surgery or as a part of body shaping and sculpting procedures. One of the biggest reasons Dr. Fodor is a leader in buttock augmentations is his deep understanding and experience with a variety of procedures.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Most commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, a gluteal augmentation surgery may include silicone implants, fat transfers, liposuction, or a combination of procedures. Each element within your butt lift procedure will be used to reshape and enhance your buttocks creating a shapelier, uplifted profile. The specific element that is present in a Brazilian Butt Lift compared to other methods is the natural fat tissue transferred from other body areas.

When sufficient amounts of fat are available, this becomes the preferred approach as compared with implants as there is less chance of rejection or complications associated with implants. Dr. Fodor says, “We can perform augmentation with an implant. However, the preferable method in my practice is to use a patient’s own tissues (fat) and occasionally combine it with an implant. First, we evaluate which body areas could be improved upon with suction and if there is sufficient donor fat. Those areas are then sculpted by suction, leaving a more aesthetically pleasing contour. The fat then is appropriately processed and re-injected into the buttock area creating a beautiful and proportionate overall figure.”

Finding the right balance, and ensuring your body is in proportion requires an artistic sense, judgment and finesse. You need a surgeon able to give you the results you want without risks and complications you don’t want. If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, Butt Implants, or Buttock Augmentation, choose the leading provider in Beverly Hills, Dr. Peter Fodor.

Butt Enhancement & BBL Recovery

Butt enhancement patients can expect to be sore and will want to rest for a few days to a week, minimize tasks, bending, and strenuous activities. It is best to be prepared to avoid lifting heavy objects during this time as well. During the healing period it is natural to experience soreness, tenderness, swelling and redness both at the harvest and injection sites. Many patients show bruising that may look worse the first few days immediately following surgery, before it begins to look better. Dr. Fodor may prescribe pain medications to reduce the temporary discomfort for a few days. Some patients report noticing better contours immediately after surgery, even with swelling and bandages, but these results may be obscured initially in some cases.

Buttock enhancement results are typically long-lasting, though it is important to maintain a steady weight, following a healthy and well-balanced diet, and continuing with routine exercise. It is reasonable to expect the majority of the improvements gained during surgery to be fairy permanent.

Complications Associated With Brazilian Butt Lifts

As common as the buttock enhancement surgeries, so are potential complications. When a BBL is provided by highly skilled and experienced surgeons complications are minimized. Less experienced surgeons are more likely to have the most common complications, such as injecting fat into the blood stream which could cause fat embolism, cardiac complications, and blood clots. Dr. Fodor stringently scrutinizes every step of the fat transfer and butt enhancement process to minimize complications and risks associated with these types of surgeries. It is important to discuss your concerns directly with the doctor at your initial consultation and before the surgery is performed.

Your Initial Consultation

Prior to conducting any surgery or procedures Dr. Fodor will have a consultation with you. As a body sculpting candidate you will have a chance to discuss your cosmetic goals directly with the surgeon. This dialogue is your opportunity to address any questions and concerns directly with the doctor. It is important that you are honest about your goals and medical history in order to achieve optimal results. During the initial consultation for body sculpting liposuction procedure Dr. Fodor will thoroughly evaluate your candidacy for the surgery. It will involve a physical examination, medical history check, and health status check. In order to prepare you should be ready to answer some basic health and medical history questions that may include the following:

  • Any surgeries you have undergone in the past, even minor ones

  • Allergies to drugs

  • What your alcohol or tobacco consumption looks like

  • What vitamins or supplements you are currently taking

Butt Lift Costs

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of a butt lift or buttock augmentation procedure. These costs include the surgical center, anesthesiologist, nurses and surgical assistants, the various tools and equipment needed to monitor your status and perform your procedure. Depending on the severity of your case, the techniques used for your surgery and the other particulars this cost may fluctuate. A full breakdown of your costs will be calculated and explained to you. At your initial consultation, Dr. Fodor will make these determinations and calculate the total cost for your surgery and discuss all the payment options available based on your specific needs.

For your convenience, Dr. Fodor is seeing patients at his Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery location and his Las Vegas Plastic Surgery location.

Full beautiful bottoms are a sign of youth and vitality, and enlargement procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Statistically, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) notes that buttock augmentation took one of the top spots recently for the most significant increases in the number of procedures performed, by a whopping 58 percent!

This comes as no surprise to board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Fodor, Chairman of Medical Advisory Board of the Plastic Surgery Channel; “We’ve seen a significant increase in buttock augmentation in the U.S. It was slow catching on, but that’s no longer the case.”

Celebrities Jennifer Lopez, along with Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous body could be attributed to some of the buttock enlargement frenzy!

“Not only do we harvest fat to create a full beautiful bottom, we also sculpt the body in the process of obtaining the fat,” says Fodor. “It’s a true 2 for 1 procedure.”

“Buttock augmentation gives you curves you never had and makes you feel sexier and more confident in clothing that you were never able to quite fill out.”

Finding the right balance, and ensuring your body is in proportion requires a lot of artistic sense, judgment and finesse.

“When considering the procedure, the best results are from board certified plastic surgeons who understand and are willing to devote ample time to create the appropriate hip to waist ratio.”

Buttock augmentation reshapes and enhances your gluteal area, for an uplifted and shapelier buttock profile. Fat grafting with your own natural fatty tissue, when present in sufficient amounts, is the preferred  approach over silicone implants and is rapidly gaining popularity with patients and surgeons alike.

“We can perform augmentation with an implant. However the preferable method in my practice is to use a patient’s own tissues (fat) and occasionally combine it with an implant,” says Dr. Fodor. “First, we evaluate which body areas could be improved upon with suction and if there is sufficient donor fat.Those areas are then sculpted by suction, leaving a more aesthetically pleasing contour. The fat then is appropriately processed and reinjected into the buttock area creating a beautiful and proportionate overall figure.”

If your buttocks are too small for your body frame.
If your buttock shape is too flat or square and you would like more curves and a more youthful appearance
If weight loss or the aging process has left your buttocks loose, sagging, and/or flat
If clothes and swimwear do not fit properly

“When people think about fat, it’s often viewed as an ugly reminder to lose weight,” says Fodor. “It doesn’t need to be perceived that way. Employing on the cutting edge fat harvesting methods and adding stem cells, isolated from the same fat, we have seen phenomenal results.”

“As it turns out in my practice, at least 80 percent of the fat transferred survives. What you see at three months is a permanent result. This is quite exciting!”

Initially Dr. Fodor perfected his technique of silicone implant augmentation during dozens of teaching trips to Rio de Janeiro and other areas of Brazil. Currently using your own fat is the preferred method in his practice.


There is initial swelling and some pain associated with buttock augmentation. More with the implants however, than with transferring fat. When compared to buttock implants, recovery time for fat transfer patients is in general more rapid.

Most normal activities can be resumed within the first week and on average most people are back to work within a week or 10 days. ‍

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