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Dr. Fodor offers Chemical Peels in Beverly Hills and
surrounding areas of California

What is a Chemical Peel?

Light chemical peels that improve skin color, texture and luster are performed by a licensed Esthetician.

Deeper chemical peels are performed at by Dr. Fodor with a dilute acid that is generally reserved for wrinkle lines. To begin the procedure, the face is first washed to remove any excess oil.

What Can I Expect After a Chemical Peel?

After Dr. Fodor has performed the procedure, the face develops a white, frosty appearance, which lasts several minutes. This is followed by a dark red hue. The next day Thymol iodide (U.S.P.) powder is dusted onto the chemically treated surfaces in liberal quantities. It is reapplied several times during the following 24 hours, until a thick crust forms. This crust remains for about five days. On about the sixth day, the crusts will gradually lift away, leaving behind a pink-colored skin. To remove redness and speed up healing, patients are instructed to apply a specifically formulated ointment.

The underlying skin appears reddened and it may require three to six months to return to a normal hue. During this period, the area can be covered with cosmetics as desired but must be protected from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is to be avoided for three to four months.

What are the Benefits of a Chemical Peel?

Skin resurfacing, by itself or in combination with aesthetic surgical procedures, offers patients the opportunity to significantly reduce the cumulative damage caused by years of sun exposure and other environmental or lifestyle factors. Equally important are preventative and maintenance skin care programs that can, when used on a permanent basis, greatly assist in the quest to “Be Your Best.”

How Much Does a Chemical Peel Cost?

The cost for a chemical peel will vary depending on the severity of your case and techniques used for treatment. At your consultation, Dr. Fodor will be happy to discuss your options and cost based on your needs.

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