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Plastic Surgery - Breast

Breast Lift

Breast Lift Surgery in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica

Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Fodor offers Breast Lift Surgery to residents of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and surrounding areas of Southern California.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift

How is the Procedure Performed?

Complexities of the procedures vary greatly and, in some cases, a conservative approach with staging the surgery is wise. Selecting the best operation is challenging; the quality (thickness) of skin, glandular size, skin envelope to glandular ratio, symmetry and nipple position all play a role. The aging process continues to relentlessly. Especially when an implant, which adds to gravity, was also introduced, secondary surgical procedures may be necessary to obtain and maintain in the long term a pleasing result.

Even though the use of an implant can be inevitable in very volume deficient breasts, in Dr. Fodor’s judgment, a conservative approach with no implant or at most a small one placed submuscularly is a better choice in the long term. To this end, Dr. Fodor favors, when applicable, techniques where the excess skin or ptotic portions of the gland are surgically repositioned to increase volume. An exception to this, appropriate for less advanced cases of ptosis, (defined by a lesser distance measured between the inferior margin of the areola to the fold below the breasts) is a technique which places implants in a dual-plane; partly submuscular and partly sub-glandular.

Since there are a number of surgical options available for Mastopexy, Dr. Fodor considers particularly important for patients to fully discuss the approach he recommends to assure as much as possible that the anticipated results meet the patient’s personal aesthetic goals. Contact this Los Angeles plastic surgeon today.

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When patients undergo breast reduction they get a breast lift. Peter B. Fodor offers traditional breast reduction and breast lift. In addition, in his practice patients who qualify for the procedure can greatly benefit from breast reduction and lift only by liposuction.

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