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Fat Transfer

Dr. Fodor offers FAT TRANSFERS in Beverly Hills
surrounding areas of California

As we age, gravity repositions fat tissues, causing a decrease in volume in
facial features, wrinkles and creases then become more prominent.
Based on research, the loss of facial fat is a very significant component of facial aging.
Breasts also lose volume and shape, while hips and thigh fat pads swell, along with the abdomen.

Dr. Fodor performs facial and body rejuvenation procedures for patients
who want an improvement on their facial skin texture and volume.

What are Fat Transfers?

Fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure that improves the fullness of various features with a patient’s own fat. Fat transfer is a popular alternative to treatments for restoring volume, and can also be used to correct skin deformities such as deep furrows, facial wrinkles and other depressions on other body areas. Patients who have lipoatrophy, a condition characterized by the loss of the layer of fat in the face that forms the contours of the cheeks and jawline can also benefit from a fat transfer.

Fat transfer can also be referred to as micro-lipo injection of autologous fat transplantation.

What are the benefits of Fat Transfers?

Autologous fat transfer offers several major benefits.

The main benefit of fat transfer is that the procedure allows patients to use their own tissues to achieve their desired look.

The material used is not from animals or synthetic products. You don’t have to worry about allergic or rejection reaction because the transplantation is from your own body.

The fat can be used to correct scars and depressions; it is also an excellent complement to facial resurfacing treatments and breast reconstruction surgery.

How Much Do Fat Transfers Cost?

Since it is imperative to have realistic expectations, Dr. Fodor and his staff spend a considerable amount of time to properly inform their patients prior to their undergoing the procedure. It is important to discuss all your concerns and expectations with Dr. Fodor before undergoing a fat transfer procedure.

During the consultation, Dr, Fodor will assess the potential harvesting site for obtaining the fat to be used in the fat transfer procedure.

The cost of fat transfer will vary depending on the severity of your case and techniques used for treatment. The cost will also depend on whether additional liposuction for just what is needed for the transfer of fat will be performed.

At your consultation, Dr. Fodor will be happy to discuss your options and cost based on your needs.

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