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Fat Injections

Dr. Fodor offers fat injections in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas of California.

Fat injections AlloDerm ® and GoreTex® are some of the methods
used to augment the lips and other “soft tissues” of the face.

What are Fat Injections?

Fat injections involve the injection of one’s own fat– taken from other parts of the body– into the lips or to fill fine lines and wrinkles.

What Should I Know About Fat Injections?

In concept fat injections and other procedures that involve the transfer of one’s own fatty tissues is attractive and as such, many plastic surgeons like injecting fat. Unfortunately, the longevity of fat transfer is unpredictable, even in expert hands. For this reason, Dr. Fodor prefers hyaluronic acid fillers (see Restylane & Juvederm) for facial augmentation over fat. Fat injections in the facial area require “maintenance” for lasting results. On the other hand, in other parts of the body, where blood supply is less abundant than in the face and therefore absorption is less likely, Dr. Fodor often uses fat harvested from one area of the body and transfers to another area of the body usually for the purposes of secondary (re-do) liposuction deformities. His preference for fat, in this case, is also based on the fact that commercially available filler materials would be prohibitively expensive to use in the volumes required in secondary (re-do) liposuction.

How Much Do Fat Injections Cost?

The cost for fat injections will vary depending on the severity of your case and techniques used for treatment. At your consultation, Dr. Fodor will be happy to discuss your options and cost based on your needs.

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