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Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Chin and Chick Augmentation in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City

Dr. Fodor offers chin and cheek augmentation surgery to residents in Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas of Southern California.

Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Am I a Good Candidate for a Cheek Augmentation?

According to Dr. Fodor, a younger face is more triangular in shape with the chin representing the tip of the triangle. With aging, as the malar areas descend, jowling occurs and the facial shape becomes more rectangular. In individuals whose facial contours have changed as a result of advancing age, as well as in individuals who have congenitally flat cheeks areas, malar augmentation can offer significant enhancement of facial aesthetics. Though implants offer the advantage of a permanent structural change, injectables may be a good alternative when a lesser degree of augmentation is sufficient and permanency of the result is not mandatory. In the future, with ongoing evolution of soft tissue fillers, injectable treatments may become an even better option with long lasting results.

What Can I Expect at my Cheek Augmentation Consultation?

Over augmentation of the malar area, unfortunately, is not uncommon. In Dr. Fodor’s practice, patients are asked to bring in old photographs for the consultation that illustrate how a patient looked in younger years, before aging impacted the facial contours, as they may be helpful in determining the optimal enhancement. Similarly, images from beauty magazines can be useful tools for the prospective patient to communicate her or his aesthetic goals to Dr. Fodor during a consultation. 

Injection of saline into one side of a patient’s face, which will absorb quickly and harmlessly, is a further technique Dr. Fodor may use to more accurately define a patient’s desires. When considering modification to cheek contour, Dr. Fodor’s careful preoperative evaluation and communication with the patient, have found to be essential components of a happy outcome.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Chin Augmentation?

In Dr. Fodor’s practice, chin augmentation is performed by itself or often in combination with other surgeries such as liposuction of the neckfacelift and rhinoplasty to give significant aesthetic benefits. Especially from a profile view, the chin is a defining aesthetic component of the lower third of the face. Its vertical projection ideally is at about the level of the forehead, with the forehead and chin “framing” the nose. In a pleasing profile, these three facial elements are in harmonious balance, and their relationship to one another has a tremendous impact on whether an individual is seen as being “attractive.”

How is a Chin Augmentation Performed?

Aesthetic enhancement of the chin, especially through adding to its projection, has been performed in various ways for a long time. Earlier, ill-conceived methods included injection of substances such as paraffin and implantation of materials far less well-tolerated by the body than those commonly used today.

Until about a decade ago, the emphasis in chin enhancement was primarily on augmenting the center of the chin only. This tended to produce a “cherry on the chin” appearance still not uncommonly seen by Dr. Fodor in older patients coming in for a facelift and other surgical consultations. More recently, the aesthetic superiority of an extended “wrap around the chin” implant has been recognized. Such implants are now commercially available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes from which the plastic surgeon may choose. Primarily made of medical-grade silicone, the implants can be further trimmed and custom-shaped before insertion. This implant design can also improve on the “marionette folds” (the vertical indentation that runs from the corner of the mouth to the jawline).

Bone reshaping procedures are significantly more complicated to perform and require a longer recovery. Nevertheless, they may be a better choice for some patients. During the consultation, based on multiple factors, Dr. Fodor will discuss the best choice for you for a successful outcome.

How Much Does Cheek and Chin Augmentation Surgery Cost?

The cost for a cheek and chin augmentation will vary depending on the severity of your case and techniques used for surgery. At your consultation, Dr. Fodor will be happy to discuss your options and cost based on your needs.

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